Managing grub is an essential process in lawn care in Vernon, BC, a beautiful town that majestically boasts of excessively green landscapes and beautifully cultivated gardens. Lawns are grub victims since grubs are the young ones of various kinds of beetles that feed on the roots of grass causing them to look a bit brown and very weak. Grub control is thus a crucial factor that should be used to enhance the overall health and appearance of your lawn from these over-enthusiastic pests.

Understanding Grubs and Their Impact

These are the young ones of beetles that are found in gardens such as the Japanese beetles, June bugs and the European chafers. They invariably inhabit areas of tall grass just below ground level, where they feed on grass roots. This feeding activity invades the grass small rivulets that results in visible impairment in the uptake of water and nutrients. Grubs are most common on lawns where the browned areas give irregular outlines, and the grass can be pulled or peeled up to expose the grubs.

Apparently, the climate in Vernon is moderate and its gardens well maintained and consequently grub beetles are often infesting people’s lawns. Grubs are particularly active all through summer and up to the early fall seasons, so homeowners and gardeners are much more careful during these periods.

Identifying Grub Infestation

Grub activity should thus be closely monitored with an aim of detecting it early in the appropriate control measures to be taken. Symptoms of a grub infestation include:

  • Brown Patches: Withers or browning of individual small tufts of grass or patches that do not ‘green up’ even with watering.
  • Spongy Turf: It is soft like a sponge and can be rolled back easily – revealing grubs.
  • Increased Animal Activity: Squirrels digging holes in your yard, birds chirping and raccoons and skunks digging up your grass could be chasing for grubs.
  • Wilting Grass: It becomes apparent that the grass may die out due to roots damage even when watering is regularly conducted.

The presence of grubs can be identified if a straightforward experiment is conducted whereby one square foot of the sod is removed before examining the soil underneath. If they actually see more than five to ten grubs per square foot then it can be said that it would require some treatment or actions to be taken.

Methods of Grub Control

Several methods can help grub control in Vernon:

  1. Chemical Treatments: Chemical control involves the use of insecticides like imidacloprid, chlorantraniliprole, and trichlorfon, all of which are effective in controlling grubs. These should be applied in the last of summer or in early autumn because grubs are small at this time and are nearer the surface. Always ensure that customers follow the directions given while using the product to prevent harming the environment. 
  2. Biological Control: Eco-friendly methods that kill the grubs include useful nematodes, which are micro worms that infect and kill the target pests. They are spread on the lawn and are naturally on the look-out for and feed on grubs. Another example of a bio-control method is the milky spore disease which is a bacteria that affects the Japanese beetle’s larva. 
  3. Cultural Practices: These conditions mean that severe grub infestations may be prevented if the lawns are frequently tended. Mowing, fertilizing, and watering the grass correctly enhance its stands making it less vulnerable to grubs’ effects. Another positive approach is the overseeding with other commercially available, less palatable, and therefore grub-resistant varieties of grass. 
  4. Natural Predators: One can use pest-control promoting birds and other insects that feed on grubs to control them naturally.

Professional Grub Control Services

In extreme cases, it is better to call the specialized professional Vernon pest control company to take care of the infestation problem. They are aware of how severe the problem is and can determine the proper course of action in dealing with said problem. They should also be able to offer advice on how to oversee the lawn and avoid future pest problems.


Grub control is important to prevent killing and probing of the lawns in Vernon in order to achieve healthy and vigorous growing areas for plants. Learning the signs of an infestation and implementing the chemical, biological and cultural control measures gives the homeowner the best chance of preserving the lawn from these devastating pests. Regardless of whether one wants to try the treatments by themselves or hire the professional, it is wise to practise preventive measures to cease grubs from invading your lawn and making it a ruining detriment to your beautiful home investment.

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